OREANDA-NEWSSingapore authorities have banned Chinese citizens from entering the country, as well as those who have visited mainland China over the past 14 days. This was announced on Friday by the Minister of National Development of the Republic, Lawrence Vaughn.

"The decision comes into force on February 1", the head of the department said. However, he clarified that "citizens of Singapore, as well as persons with permanent resident status, as well as working and family long-term visas, will be able to return to the country, but must be quarantined for 14 days".

The move, he said, "will limit the number of new imported cases of coronavirus 2019-nCoV". "The situation remains unstable, constantly changing, the government does not exclude new, more stringent measures", said the minister, who is co-chair of the interagency commission to prevent the spread of the virus. He recalled that "all 13 infected are from the Chinese city of Wuhan". “We are doing everything possible to avoid the transmission of coronavirus among the local population”, he concluded.

On December 31, 2019, China notified the World Health Organization (WHO) of unknown type of pneumonia in Wuhan, a large commercial and industrial center with a population of more than 11 million people. On January 7, it was possible to establish the causative agent of the disease, it is the 2019-nCoV coronavirus. After the disease was detected in another 20 countries. To date, the total number of people infected with the new coronavirus in the PRC has reached 9720, 213 patients have died.