OREANDA-NEWS   After the completion of the evacuation of foreign troops from Afghanistan, Turkey may undertake the management of the Kabul International Airport, Turkish President's press secretary Ibrahim Kalin said on August 26 on NTV, Anadolu reported. 

The representative of the head of the Turkish state said that in order to recognize the new regime in Kabul at the international level, he must ensure the safety of the capital's air harbor and its normal operation. 

“It is necessary to ensure security at the airport. Will this be provided by the Afghan Taliban forces or private security? A security structure must be created there. I don't think the “Taliban” have that potential. They, too, will most likely, sooner or later, apply for such a service. Because they know how important it is ”, - said Kalin. 

He added that all the details are subject to discussion. If after it the parties come to an agreement, then Turkey will work in this direction. 

"If an agreement is reached in this direction, we will continue to provide this service there (at the Kabul airport)", - Kalin stressed.