OREANDA-NEWS The Ministry of Industry and Trade will replenish the All-Russian Product Classifier (OKPD) with a wide range of shipbuilding products. More than 300 items will be added to it, which will allow them to be taken into account later when calculating localization points. At the same time, the Ministry is preparing amendments to the decree on the classification of products as Russian, which will allow customers of fishing vessels whose delivery dates are delayed to shift the localization thresholds for two years and avoid the risk of termination of contracts for investment quotas due to non-fulfillment of localization requirements.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has finalized the draft amendments to the All-Russian Classifier of Products by types of economic activity, including shipbuilding products in it. As follows from the OKPD2 project, it includes more than 360 product names, from ships themselves to equipment of varying complexity — from anchor chains and boats to power plants and ship systems. Among the included objects is a wide range of equipment for processing fish products.