OREANDA-NEWS Scholarships should be paid to students with children who study not only full-time, but also full-time and correspondence courses, regardless of the budgetary or extra-budgetary form of education, Senator Natalia Koshikhina believes.

The Ministry of Education and Science has sent to the Ministry of Labor a proposal for a new social scholarship for students. The initiative provides that mothers and fathers of preschool children who study at universities should be paid monthly an amount equal to the minimum wage (minimum wage).

"This is a correct and important proposal, which is based on the assistance and protection of young citizens who combine their studies with the upbringing of children. It is predicted that next year the minimum wage may exceed 22 thousand rubles. These are necessary financial payments for parents who do not want to drop out of school, want to finish it with dignity, but at the same time have to earn extra money in order to support both themselves and the child," Koshikhina told RIA Novosti.