OREANDA-NEWS   Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that his department failed to come to a compromise with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the legalization of cryptocurrencies in the country, because the Central Bank "stands to death" and does not want digital money to enter circulation. According to Mr. Siluanov, it is better to have legal regulation than if it is absent. On November 17, a bill on the legalization of cryptocurrency mining was submitted to the State Duma.

At a meeting with university students within the framework of the online marathon "Finzozh", the Finance Minister recalled that settlements in foreign currencies are prohibited in Russia, although no one forbids having them. "In principle, it would be possible to do the same for cryptocurrencies," he said (quoted by RIA Novosti).

"They want to legalize mining — it's great. But the Central Bank, like an armor, a wall, is standing to death, does not want the crypt to enter our turnover," Anton Siluanov added.

According to him, cryptocurrency is a given, you can buy it, operate on it, sell it, but only abroad, "not on our infrastructure." "No one receives income, all this is obtained illegally. It is better to have legal regulation than its absence," the Finance Minister said.

He noted that the new bill legalizes only the mining of cryptocurrencies in Russia, without implying operations with them on the Russian infrastructure, while the Ministry of Finance is ready to go further.

"In our opinion, it would be possible to gradually develop our crypto market — it can be done gradually if the Central Bank sees concerns. But it would probably be wrong to turn a blind eye to what actually exists. Therefore, we are in favor of legalizing this sector," the finance minister said, adding that the Central Bank adheres to a different position.