OREANDA-NEWS  In recent months, Russians have been transferring about eight percent of their monthly income abroad. Since June last year, the foreign accounts of Russian citizens have been growing by an average of $7.7 billion per month. This is reported by Forbes with reference to a study by the Center for Macroeconomic Analysis of Alfa-Bank.

A slight recovery in demand in January did not become a stable trend, and in February spending decreased. Apparently, analysts say, positive reports on the current economic situation are not able to change the propensity to save.

Earlier, the Central Bank reported that the deposits of Russians in foreign banks tripled last year, to $ 94 billion. In total, citizens took four trillion rubles abroad, which was the maximum in the history of Central Bank statistics. At the same time, in 2021, the inflow of funds of Russians in foreign bank accounts was ten times less.

By December 1, the deposits of Russians in foreign currency amounted to 8.4 trillion rubles (21 percent of all deposits), of which 3.5 trillion were stored in Russian banks. According to experts, funds were transferred abroad out of fear of new currency restrictions and emigration.

On the eve of March 2, the head of the Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, warned at a meeting with the banking community that the Russian economy needs additional financial resources to rebuild in new conditions. Increased lending is required for projects in the field of mechanical engineering, microelectronics, medical and pharmaceuticals.