OREANDA-NEWSEnglish football club Manchester City wants to acquire Barcelona captain Lionel Messi (pictured). ESPN reports.

The Manchester team is trying to find out if it can acquire Messi without breaking the rules of financial fair play. The English club management understands that buying an Argentinean can be a rather problematic process, but they are ready to take the risk and use any opportunity. In addition, the club's bosses are hoping that Barcelona will not charge too high a price for the striker.

At the same time, the blue pomegranates do not want to let go of the Argentinean. The club's management warned that the amount for the player could be more than 700 million euros. According to the portal Transfermarkt, the 33-year-old striker is valued at 112 million euros.

On Saturday, other contenders for the purchase of Messi were named - French Paris Saint-Germain, as well as Juventus and Inter, which represent the Italian championship. It was reported that PSG is ready to offer more for the Argentine than others.

Talk that the six-time Ballon d'Or wants to leave Barcelona arose after the blue garnet lost to Bayern in 1/4 of the Champions League. After the departure from the tournament, Barcelona changed the coach, and Ronald Koeman, who came to replace Kike Setiena, had already met with Messi. Messi's contract with Barcelona expires in summer 2021.