OREANDA-NEWS “I was amazed at how much negative impression I had from playing with him. Two days ago he shot a video talking about Brazil in a positive light, the energy of Brazil, and today he is playing that way! Anyway, this is tennis. Everyone wants to play the way they want, but I would never play the way he does.

There are certain things that I cannot understand why  he did it. We didn't do anything to him. He almost hit Louise once. Of course, on the court you need to do everything to win, but there must be certain limits. I'm not going to create controversies and scandals, but those who have seen the game understand very well what I want to say between the lines”, - Melo is quoted by Uol.com.br. 

The Brazilians lost to the Serbian pair with a score of 3: 6, 4: 6 and finished their performance at the Games.