OREANDA-NEWS. Alexander Kuznetsov, technical specialist at the International Union of Skaters (ISU), estimated the potential of young Russian figure skaters based on the results of test rentals at a base in Novogorsk, Moscow Region.

 Many athletes showed a level that is sometimes not even accessible to adult skaters.  This applies to elements and ligaments.  First of all, this applies to girls who paid attention to every gesture, every movement.

 "Our juniors began to ride better, matured. In past seasons, all our comments related to the immaturity of skating, it was childish. Now we see that most athletes have crossed this barrier, show mature skating, good skate."  - noted Alexander Kuznetsov.

 On August 6, 13-year-old Camilla Valieva showed a quadruple sheepskin coat at the box office in Novogorsk.  The athlete managed to cleanly fulfill the element.  In addition, she made no mistakes when performing other jumps.