OREANDA-NEWS. August 01, 2016. The Government of Canada recognizes that a strong IT workforce and modern IT infrastructure are the backbone of better service delivery to Canadians.

Treasury Board President Scott Brison has taken another step to modernize the Government of Canada’s use of IT by releasing the Cloud Adoption Strategy for public comment. This strategy prioritizes the security and privacy of Canadians while providing departments with new modern and flexible alternatives to make more efficient use of information technology.

Using cloud computing services provides the Government with even more options in terms of data storage and running applications. The strategy is designed to allow the Government to select the right cloud solution for its evolving needs.

This is the result of consultations with industry and provincial governments over the past two years, and a review of global trends in cloud computing. Feedback on the strategy will be collected until September 30, 2016, and will be used to finalize the Government’s approach.


“Canadians expect governments to make the most of available technologies to improve service delivery. Cloud computing will help the Government of Canada get better value for taxpayers’ dollars, become more nimble in its operations, and meet the evolving needs of Canadians.”

The Honourable Scott Brison, President of the Treasury Board

Quick facts

  • What is cloud computing?
    Cloud computing can be compared to public utilities like gas, water or electricity. Computing power can be purchased from a supplier without the need for each user to have their own computer and server. Cloud computing is on demand and costs are tied to usage.
  • Canadians’ personal information will continue to reside in Canada, whether or not departments use cloud services.
  • A Security Control Profile for Cloud, outlining requirements for safeguarding Canada’s information assets and the security and privacy of Canadians’ data in the cloud, has also been published.
  • Providing access to cloud services will give federal IT professionals a modern technology option to help advance their work.
  • No single cloud computing model can meet all of the Government’s requirements. A guidance document for federal departments moving to cloud, called Right Cloud Selection, has also been published.
  • This follows publication on June 29 of the Government of Canada’s Information Technology Strategic Plan.