OREANDA-NEWS Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev said that by the end of 2023, a "marketplace" for the sale of state-owned facilities will be launched in Russia, which everyone will be able to purchase. The Minister told Izvestia about the creation of a new project.

According to him, there are many state-owned objects in the country that are "idle" and that the state needs to sell.

"By the end of this year, the Federal Property Management Agency should carry out all the work on audit and digitalization completely, create a marketplace through which people can purchase what they need," Moiseev said.

Any Russian will be able to participate in the auction. And the entire electronic chain will be provided on the platform.

"The person on it will enter the criteria of the object that interests him. He gets results. Then the evaluation takes place. A citizen clicks on the "I want to buy" option and is put up for auction," the minister explained.

According to him, if there are other applicants, an auction takes place. If not, then the Russian buys the object at an estimated cost and enters into a contract, forms out the ownership right, concluded Moiseev.

Earlier it was reported that Russians may be required to prepare project documentation for private homes. The Ministry of Construction wanted to introduce new requirements for the construction of such housing. It is also proposed to make it necessary to conduct a non-governmental examination of the project and independent construction supervision.