OREANDA-NEWS Bird flu quarantine was introduced in Kaliningrad and several suburban settlements, it will be in effect until August 1, follows from the resolution published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

"Restrictive measures (quarantine) for HSV (highly pathogenic avian influenza) are established for a period until August 1, 2023," the decree says.
As follows from the document, quarantine was introduced in Kaliningrad and in 20 other nearby settlements after a dead seagull was found in Lake Penkovo. The epizootic center is located at a distance of 300 meters from the lake.

In quarantine zones, it is prohibited to treat sick birds, to visit an epizootic center by unauthorized persons, to import and export an incubation egg, to harvest and export feed, to hold agricultural fairs and other events related to the movement and accumulation of birds and animals.

Earlier, quarantine due to avian flu was introduced until June 1 on the territory of Kaliningrad correctional colony No. 8 due to a domestic chicken that died from HSV in a subsidiary farm on its territory.