OREANDA-NEWS   More than half of Japanese companies (60.6 percent) operating in Russia partially or completely suspended operations in the country in 2022. This is evidenced by the data of a survey of 198 companies of the Japanese Organization for the Development of Foreign Trade (JETRO).

The key reasons for the suspension of work were a change in policy towards Russia on the part of headquarters/representative offices in Europe (in 61.7 percent of cases) and voluntary restriction of activities due to fear of reputational risks associated with the conflict in Ukraine (60 percent). Also, 48.3 percent of respondents reported interruptions in the supply chains of products to Russia against the background of sanctions.

At the same time, 35.4 percent of Japanese enterprises surveyed continued to work in Russia as usual. And at least four percent have already completely left the Russian market or made a decision about it.

JETRO emphasizes that it is difficult to determine the further development of the situation in the Russian business market, but admits that over the past six months the number of companies that have decided to suspend operations in Russia has increased.