OREANDA-NEWS. Forecasters warned that an unprecedented heat wave is waiting for Spain and Italy. The thermometer will rise to 48 degrees Celsius. This is reported by NRK with reference to meteorologist Chris Fawkes.

This week, a strong increase in temperature is expected in the Mediterranean region. A heat wave is coming from North Africa to Italy and Spain. This weather situation was facilitated by very high atmospheric pressure over the Mediterranean Sea.

Fawkes does not rule out a high probability of fires. In countries where a weather anomaly is expected, the population has received a warning about precautions for extreme temperatures. The last heat record in the region was set in 2007, when the thermometer showed a temperature of 46.9 degrees Celsius.

Earlier, the United Nations predicted a climate apocalypse. They believe that the climate changes taking place on Earth can no longer be described by the neutral concept of «global warming», the definition of «climate chaos» is better suited. This information is based on the analysis of more than 14 thousand point studies, which, according to the totality of facts, draw an apocalyptic perspective for humanity for the coming decades.