OREANDA-NEWS  Starting from 2024, developers in Russia may have the opportunity to build wooden five-storey houses. The fact that the country wanted to allow the construction of five-storey buildings made of wood, Interfax reports with reference to the director of the Federal Center for Rationing in Construction (FTS) under the Ministry of Construction Andrey Kopytin.

"There is a task to provide a regulatory opportunity to build wooden five-storey houses by the end of the year. The solution of this task will be achieved within the framework of the implementation of the roadmap for the development of wooden housing construction until 2024, approved by the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia," he said. In accordance with it, they will have to solve the issues of strength, stability, seismic resistance, laying engineering systems of such houses, as well as approve details related to the thermal and sound insulation characteristics of the material, maintainability, the need to perform structural fire protection.

Kopytin added that there are already successful pilot projects for the construction of wooden four-story buildings, but so far developers have been designing them by developing Special technical conditions. He recalled that the development of wooden house construction in Russia has been engaged since 2019, when key codes of rules were developed and approved.

In 2020, Kopytin reported that the regulations, which do not yet allow the construction of wooden five-story buildings without additional structural protection, may be changed by the end of 2022. According to him, the Federal Tax Service was going to make the necessary changes to the regulatory framework, allowing the construction of residential and non-residential buildings made of wood with a height of five floors without structural protection. He also argued that the regulatory framework that existed at that time did not allow bringing wooden house construction to a new level.