OREANDA-NEWS. Kaspersky Lab warns that cyber fraudsters are looking for new victims through paid targeted ads on YouTube.  "The experts found that the attackers are using a promise to pay a large sum of money allegedly for passing a survey or as part of a charitable payment," the company said.

 The fraudulent scheme is based on promotional videos offering to receive a large amount of money for a “couple of clicks” on the Internet, the company noted.

 “Further, the video demonstrates all the actions that the user needs to perform in order to get a big win,” as a rule, we are talking about the need to pay a commission, ”Kaspersky Lab experts say.

 The experts responded that such a fraudulent scheme has existed for a long time.  However, the use of paid targeted advertising on YouTube is something new.  Apparently, the criminals are counting on the fact that users trust video hosting, and are accustomed to the appearance of advertising there, said content analyst Mikhail Sytnik.