OREANDA-NEWS  The governments of Georgia and Russia are reportedly actively working to restore diplomatic relations, according to a report from the Georgian opposition television channel Mtavari Archi. The report cites a source as saying that the ruling Georgian Dream party and Russian leadership are engaged in active negotiations to restore relations. It is reported that the authorities plan to open a Georgian embassy in Moscow, and Tbilisi is currently selecting employees for the diplomatic mission.

Currently, there are no diplomatic relations between Georgia and Russia, and dialogue between the two countries has been maintained through the Geneva discussions and talks between Russian Senator Grigory Karasin and Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister Zurab Abashidze, which have been held in Prague since 2012.The Georgian side broke off relations between the two countries after Moscow recognized the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia on August 26, 2008. The Georgian government does not recognize the independence of these regions, considering them occupied territories.