OREANDA-NEWS. The United States, due to the actions of which the Ukrainian crisis occurred, after the story with the Ukrainian Bucha, did not show signs of moving forward with negotiations, but is only preparing to aggravate tensions between Russia and Ukraine. This is reported by the Chinese edition of Global Times.

The article says that the US authorities plan to send a number of heavy weapons systems to Ukraine. The author of the publication is sure that any attempt to benefit from the Ukrainian crisis for the sake of his “moral superiority” and constantly inflame conflicts in order to extract geostrategic benefits can lead to a humanitarian tragedy in the future.

The expert also suggested that behind the indignation of the United States and other Western countries about the situation in Bucha, there are double standards and ambiguous political goals.

According to Global Times, this is due to the fact that in recent years the armed forces of a number of states have committed many crimes, killing civilians with impunity. So, according to statistics, under the shelling of the United States, up to 100 thousand civilians in Afghanistan were killed, and many of them are children, the article says.

Earlier, China called on the US, NATO and the EU to enter into a security dialogue with Russia.