OREANDA-NEWS In Yakutsk, the city press banned the sale of the newspaper "Everything for You", which came out with an anti-war cover. The phrase "No to war" was printed on the front page of the latest issue.

"Yakutsk evening" with reference to readers reports that the circulation of the newspaper was brought to kiosks, but they are not selling. In the city press, journalists were told that the circulation would be held until an "official letter" from the editorial office with the permission of officials on the sale of newspapers with such a cover.

"It is necessary that an official letter from them be… Because then they will start attacking, everyone will attack the city press that we are spreading such slogans… Already in Yakutsk, one girl was fined 10 thousand rubles for having such a slogan," the city press explained.

The editorial office of "Everything for You" does not know anything about this, they say that in the morning the car left to deliver the newspaper and so far no calls have been received.

Yesterday it became known that the police are seizing fresh copies of newspapers of publications from the Ural holding "VK-media", published with a cover against Russia's military operation in Ukraine.

We are talking about the newspapers "Evening Krasnoturinsk", "Evening Karpinsk", "Pro Severouralsk" and "Globe" (Serov). The phrase "This madness must be stopped" was printed on the editorials of the latest issues. Below, the publishers posted a QR code addressing the corresponding petition on the portal Change.org.