OREANDA-NEWS Justin Timberlake will soon return to work in the cinema. A popular actor and singer is invited to star in the new drama, dubbed "Palmer," to begin filming the tape this fall.

According to the script, the upcoming feature film will be about Eddie Palmer, who was a football star at school. The main character returns to his hometown after serving a prison term. In the course of the plot, a celebrity is faced with his past, and this causes various difficulties in his life. In the care of the former athlete is a boy whom his mother abandoned.

The actor starred in about 20 films, among them called roles in the film "Twisted Ball", "Sex on Friendship", "Very Bad Teacher", "Social Network", "Wheel of Miracles." Justin Timberlake was involved in other films that aroused the interest of the audience, among which there are many fans of the famous artist.