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06.05.2022, 16:23

In March, a case was opened against Nevzorov under the article on discrediting the army, and in May he was put on the wanted list.

06.05.2022, 09:52
A set of robes and a tie costs about 33 euros.
05.05.2022, 12:05

The detention became possible thanks to the joint work of Ukrainian and Spanish law enforcement officers.

05.05.2022, 10:48

The actress spoke about communicating with children who were injured in the explosions.

28.04.2022, 17:27
The musician noted that he maintains friendly relations with him, despite different political views.
22.04.2022, 16:12

Singer hospitalized with a broken jaw after an attack in New York.

22.04.2022, 13:33
He asked to attach to the case an audio recording with threats of the ex-wife and a photo where a hematoma from the girl's blow is visible on his face.
22.04.2022, 11:30
The incident occurred on April 20 during a flight from San Francisco to Florida.
08.04.2022, 16:21

The proceeds from streaming will be used for humanitarian aid to residents of Ukraine.

08.04.2022, 12:37
American director Cary Fukunaga has joined the team of the charity association World Central Kitchen, which provides humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.
07.04.2022, 13:30
The production The Last Days will be based on the plot of the 2005 film of the same name directed by Gus Van Sant.
01.04.2022, 14:28

State Duma deputy Sultan Khamzaev called for the confiscation of the actor's real estate in the Russian Federation and transfer it to those in need.

01.04.2022, 12:45

The master is known for a series of pictures of Princess Diana and work on the Pirelli calendar in 2005 and 2008.

01.04.2022, 10:27
The actor said that he had thought about the decision well.
31.03.2022, 14:22

He died of complications caused by pneumonia at the age of 61.


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