OREANDA-NEWS Russian journalist Yuri Dud published on his YouTube channel the film "How to live if you are deprived of your homeland" - about Belarusians who were forced to leave the country because of the political situation.

The issue contains interviews with Belarusians of different professions, age and wealth. The creators of the picture wanted to understand: what it's like to be forced to leave your home.

"In recent years, a huge number of people have left the country. There are no exact statistics, but, according to some estimates, we are talking about 200,000 people — it's as if 3,000,000 left Russia," the description of the video says.

On January 25, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko made a statement at a meeting with the staff of the National Academy of Sciences. He said that the migration problem at the country's border is still relevant. Lukashenko stressed that some refugees are still trying to get through Belarus to the EU countries.

On January 23, another echelon with military personnel and equipment from Russia arrived in Belarus in order to check the reaction forces of the Union State. At the final stage of this event, the Belarusian-Russian exercise "Allied Resolve — 2022" will be held from February 10 to 20. As part of the exercise, live firing will be held at military training grounds in Belarus, tactical events will be held in certain border areas of the country.