OREANDA-NEWS After a year spent in the open beta, Magic The Gathering: Arena collectible card game received a full release date. According to the development team from Wizards of the Coast, the official release is scheduled for the current month - September 26th.

The same day, the edition “The Throne of Eldrain” will be available, created on the basis of legends about King Arthur and the grim tales of the Brothers Grimm, which will include new maps and battlefields. And all participants of the MBT are waiting for a nice reward in the form of exclusive avatars and treads for the deck, so if you want to receive these unique gifts, there are still three weeks left.

In addition, the creators reported that until September 9, the game will have a new mode available - “Fight”, thanks to which players will be able to get some cards of the Throne of Eldrain before the release. This format is a variation of “Singleton” and implies the presence of only one legendary creature or Planeswalker in the deck.