OREANDA-NEWS Today, the Head of the Russian Presidential Administration for Public Projects Sergey Novikov made a speech at tNovikov said: "At the monent we see how a huge field for opportunities is opening up in all creative industries. According to the classification, we have 14 creative industries. We can take each one and see that there is a new field for opportunities".

The politician gave the example of the Russian holding VK. According to him, millions of new users are now coming to the social network "Vkontakte". Novikov stressed that due to circumstances, VK found itself in a favorable position in the national market. Thus, VK managers must use this situation in order to make the new audience stay. The social network needs to show the users that it creates new tools for them, and that there are competitive services which can satisfy all their needs.

Novikov also noted that a similar situation is developing in the film industry and in the production of web series. "The world has changed, the field for Russian audiovisual services has been cleared", the politician said.