OREANDA-NEWS Robert Scott Bennie, an American screenwriter, designer and producer of Canadian origin, died of complications caused by pneumonia at the age of 61. He began his career in the early 80s with work on board role-playing games and articles about them in thematic magazines. With the advent of the 90s, on the recommendation of his friend, he got into Interplay Productions (the name of Interplay Entertainment Corp. until 1998) and worked there for ten years on a variety of games, including several projects on the Star Trek universe, Descent, Castles, Lord of the Rings and Fallout games.

Scott joined the Fallout development team at the late stages of production at the personal request of Tim Kane, when he found out that Stonekeep II, which Scott was working on, had been canceled. In all his few interviews, Scott Bennie made a significant contribution to the future game by having a hand in some of the characters of the Hub, for example, the famous Iguana Bob, worked on the NPC from the Cathedral, wrote some battle lines, came up with the «Mysterious Stranger» perk, as well as the well-known nickname for the Dog (in the original Dogmeat).

A lot of old colleagues and friends reacted to his death. «I was saddened to hear that Scott Bennie died today. He was a brilliant screenwriter who worked with us at Interplay on such classic games as Star Trek: Judgment Rites and Starfleet Academy. RIP», wrote the former head of Interplay Entertainment Brian Fargo.

«My friend and former colleague, game designer Scott Benny died of complications from pneumonia. His work on Champions was groundbreaking. I hope he knew how much respect people treat him», added screenwriter Colin McComb, who participated in the development of Fallout 2.