OREANDA-NEWSNorilsk Nickel will reduce sulfur dioxide emissions at its main plants in Norilsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory) and the Murmansk Region by seven to ten times. This was reported to the Russian media in the press service of the company following the results of the annual meeting of the company's management with investors in London.

“Norilsk Nickel’s renewed environmental strategy will virtually reduce sulfur dioxide emissions at key production sites of the company. In Norilsk, they will be reduced by 10 times, in the Murmansk region by seven times”, the company said, adding that the amount of investment will be 260 billion rubles. In 2025, due to the introduction of the Sulfur Project in Norilsk, sulfur dioxide emissions will be reduced by 90%. At Kola MMC, old smelting and copper workshops will be closed, which will reduce emissions by 85%.

Sulfur Project is a project for the utilization of sulfur dioxide at the enterprises of the Polar Division of Norilsk Nickel. This is the largest environmental event in the program of modernization of production assets of the company. Norilsk Nickel is the world's largest producer of nickel and palladium, the leading producer of platinum, cobalt, copper and rhodium in the world.