OREANDA-NEWS Facebook hopes that sound emoji will be able to make the chat service more attractive to the audience. This innovation will allow nearly 2.5 billion users of the social network to send each other short sound emoji, such as laughter or drumming, to make communication more expressive, writes Hypebeast. In addition to individual sounds, there will be audio clips taken from musical compositions of popular artists, and catch phrases from TV shows such as "Brooklyn 9-9", for example.

In a press release, Facebook explained this: “We are launching an entire Sound emoji library, which we plan to regularly update with new sound effects and famous audio snippets. Each sound is presented through emoji, that is, when communicating, the visual appearance of the emoticon that we all love is preserved, but at the same time, sound is also added".

The new feature can be tried out on July 17, World Emoji Day.