12.10.2021, 13:48

It's strength is gradually increasing, and by now she has reached an average level.

13.09.2021, 13:20
The European part of Russia may face a catastrophic water shortage. It is possible to avoid this only by taking measures.
07.09.2021, 15:45
Using the climate model they calculated the ratios of the predicted precipitation level from 2080 to 2099.
02.09.2021, 11:53

Hurricane «Ida» caused the most abundant torrential rains in New York.

01.09.2021, 17:13
The number of natural disasters in the world has increased fivefold over the past 50 years due to climate change.
30.08.2021, 10:01
Currently, electricity is generated only with the help of generators.
23.08.2021, 13:09
More than 20 people have become victims of flooding in Tennessee.
11.08.2021, 13:17

The thermometer will rise to 48 degrees Celsius.

11.08.2021, 09:53

There are 25 soldiers who participated in the rescue operation among the victims of the disaster.

27.07.2021, 11:53

Heavy hail on the central Italian region of Emilia-Romagna blocked traffic on the main Italian A1 motorway in the Parma area, damaging hundreds of cars and houses.

24.06.2021, 10:57

For the third day in a row, the Russian capital beats temperature records 100 years ago.

22.06.2021, 14:43

The temperature record of 1917 was broken - at 12 o'clock today, on June 22, thermometers at the main meteorological station of Moscow at VDNKh recorded 31.9 degrees.

18.05.2021, 17:00

Heat abnormal for May in several Russian regions will lead to massive forest fires in summer. Russian scientists shared this opinion with "URA.RU".

17.05.2021, 13:38

Eight people were killed and more than 150 thousand were evacuated in India because of the cyclone "Tauktae", which struck the western coast of the country.

07.05.2021, 11:11
Average air temperatures for the period from May to July in the Northern Hemisphere will be above normal with a 70% probability, therefore the forecast map presented by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is colored red.


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