OREANDA-NEWS. Hurricane «Ida», which was assigned the category of «exceptional dangerous», completely disabled the power supply system in the metropolis of New Orleans in the US state of Louisiana. «There is no more electricity in New Orleans», the US Department of Homeland Security announced on Sunday evening, August 29. Currently, electricity is generated only with the help of generators.

«Ida» hit the coast of the Gulf of Mexico with wind gusts of 240 kilometers per hour. Currently, the danger level has been reduced from the fourth to the second, wind gusts reach 175 kilometers per hour. Nevertheless, experts predict very serious damage, because due to the decrease in the speed of the elements, objects in the path of the hurricane are exposed to strong winds and torrential rains for a longer time.

US President Joe Biden called «Ida» a potentially deadly hurricane and urged the population to take the threat seriously. Hurricane «Ida» reminded of the catastrophic Hurricane «Katrina», which swept over New Orleans 16 years ago on the same day and claimed the lives of more than 1,800 people. At the moment, one person has been reported killed as a result of Hurricane «Ida».