OREANDA-NEWS. Pierburg GmbH, Neuss, which belongs to the Rheinmetall Automotive sector, has recently booked a major order for its newly developed vacuum pumps. The contract shows that the significance of electrically powered equipment in motor vehicles is rising not only with respect to electromobility. Electrically driven auxiliary equipment is also finding its way increasingly in the context of conventional engines and hybrid drives.

The order now won from an internationally operating German automotive group is worth in total over €60 million and the pumps will be shipped to a North American plant of the customer. Start of production at Pierburg's Saxony location in Hartha is scheduled for next year. The electric motor installed in the pumps has also been developed at this location.

Because of their more intense dethrottling, today's gasoline engines often lack adequate vacuum build-up in the intake manifold which is, however, needed especially for power braking as well as a host of additional functions. This is where vacuum pumps come into play. Electric pumps from Pierburg achieve up to one gram of CO2 savings in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC). This is because they pump only when needed while also reducing the load on the engine's lubrication system.