OREANDA-NEWS. On 15 May 2009 was announced, that Ukraine International Airlines had ended 2008 with a profit despite the global crisisinfluencing the financial results of many airlines of the world and unprecedented prices for aviation fuel. The Accounts show:

Consolidated revenues of USD 371 million.

A USD 22 million operating profitand the net profit after taxes to USD 6.2 million.

This 5.9% operating margin again puts Ukraine International Airlines among the upper quarter of airlines worldwide.

A USD 7.6 million currency loss reduced the pre tax profit to USD 10m.

Over UAH 1.8 billion in export earnings contributed to Ukraine’s economy.

UAH 54 million in staff taxes, a UAH 55 million “loan” to the state in VAT payments and UAH 34 million in corporate taxes.

Based on the results of 2008 15% dividend will be paid to all shareholders.

2008 is already 9th successive year of profits for Ukraine International Airlines!