OREANDA-NEWS. January 31, 2011. Revenues of Moldova’s state budget in 2010 totaled 17,17 billion leis (USD 1.4 billion), up 3.337 billion leis or 24.1% from 2009. The amount of the receipts exceeded the planned indicators by 3.6%, it was informed at the Finance Ministry.

The state budget payments plan set for the 2010 was fulfilled by the Chief State Tax Inspection at 100%, Customs Service – 107%. The average daily payments to the budget in January-December 2010 totaled 58.8 million leis, up 13.6 million leis against the same period of 2009.

The state budget expenditure in 2010 totaled 18,791.9 million leis or 93.8% of the planned indicators. Compared to 2009, the state budget expenses in 2010 grew 1,588.9 million leis or 9.2%.