OREANDA-NEWS. PJSC The Taganrog Boiler-Making Works Krasny Kotelshchik (the main production assets of PJSC EMAlliance, which is a part of power-plant engineering concern OJSC Power Machines) has been audited by RosTekhNadzor (Russian Technical Supervisory Authority). Based on the results thereof the Company has proven validity of the licenses giving the right to design and manufacture the nuclear plant equipment.

This kind of activity is one of uniquely licensed in Russia which is conditioned with strict requirements set for the quality of manufactured equipment. Prior to preparing the Company for external inspection an internal audit was carried out. In their turn representatives of RosTekhNadzor bodies checked the compliance of the range of products with conditions of activity in the licenses and conformity to the norms and rules in the process of designing; quality control plans, availability of reporting and accounting documentation as well as level of production facilities.

The Company was positively assessed on all check items. Good production practices were noted in production shops. PJSC TKZ Krasny Kotelshchik has once again confirmed the reputation of a responsible and highly qualified manufacturer capable of designing and manufacturing equipment for nuclear installations (nuclear power plants).

It bears reminding that Krasny Kotelshchik is the manufacturer of nearly all heat-exchange equipment and tanks & vessels being in operation at present on units of nuclear power plants in Russia and countries of the CIS. Major part of that equipment the Taganrog Boiler-Making Works Krasny Kotelshchik manufactured before 1989. After that the works on manufacture of nuclear plant equipment were stopped at Krasny Kotelshchik.

In the year 2002 it was decided to resume the works on manufacture of nuclear plant equipment and relevant licenses were obtained for the design and manufacture of equipment for those plants. On account of long pause in manufacture of nuclear plant equipment the first licenses were issued for a term of three years. At further extension of the licenses validity their term has increased up to five years. In the year 2011 with regard to the positive reputation of the Company and absence of reclamations from the customers (nuclear power plants) the licenses for the design and manufacture of the nuclear plant equipment were issued for the maximum possible term of seven years.