OREANDA-NEWS. Encouraged by the response in phase I, Tata Power, India's largest integrated power company, announced the launch of phase II of 'Akshay Urja Deep' programme through it's wholly-owned subsidiary, Coastal Gujarat Power (CGPL) in Mundra today. Under the programme, 131 boat owners residing temporarily at Tragadi Bunder have been identified and would be provided with solar boat light systems in order to help them better earn their livelihood.

As a precursor, the company has already provided boat light systems to 51 boat owners belonging to different migratory groups. Another 80 such systems will be provided to local boat owners in Bhadreshwar, Tuna, Vandi, Luni, Sanghar and Tragad.

Tata Power's Project Akshay Urja Deep is a one-of-it's kind initiative in Gujarat and is a need-based one devised by the company as per the needs expressed by the end-user of Tata Power's services. Aimed to improve the quality of life amongst the fishing community, the programme has been appreciated and endorsed by the state government and Commissioner of Fisheries of Gujarat.

After successful completion of phase I, which benefitted more than 65 boat owners at Modhva, a team of Tata Power analysed and discussed the requirements of the local fishermen, post which phase II of this initiative has been initiated. The company also trains the local fishermen to efficiently utilise and maintain solar boat lights.

Commenting on this initiative, KK Sharma, ED and CEO, Mundra project, said, “We are delighted to initiate phase II of Akshay Urja Deep programme. With the overwhelming response received in phase I, we are encouraged to reach out and provide the benefits of solar lights to the fishermen community at large. We would also like to thank the Government of Gujarat and the Commissioner of Fisheries for their whole-hearted support to the programme.”

Among the renewable sources of energy, solar energy has a huge potential in Gujarat, which receives 5.5 to 6kwh/sqmtr/day with 300-320 sunny days / year, which is the second largest amount for solar power generation in India. The solar lighting system is an ideal lighting solution for boats, mainly in remote sections where grid power is not reliable. This project is being backed by the technological support of Tata Power Solar Systems, a Tata Power company.