OREANDA-NEWS. UTair Finance, a subsidiary of UTair Aviation, has bought back bonds of series 4B02-08-36059-R. The public offering was conducted by BK Region. The bonds were originally issued on May 29th, 2013.

“Throughout its years of active work on the debt financing market, UTair Finance continues to prove itself as a reliable bond issuer offering investors securities with attractive returns and a high credit rating,” said UTair CFO Igor Petrov regarding the buy-back.

UTair Finance is a UTair Aviation subsidiary founded to develop and implement investment programs for UTair Aviation, the guarantor of its securities. The company has successfully issued 15 bond series, 13 of which are now in circulation and have a total nominal value of 19 bln RUB. All UTair Finance securities are listed on the A1 quotation list of the exchanges where they are traded. The company has an A+ credit rating, indicating a very high credit quality with stable outlook according to the Expert RA rating agency.