OREANDA-NEWS. December 06, 2013. POSCO completed construction of the `POSCO Green Building,` a future-oriented building with environment-friendly and energy reduction technology applied, located on the Yonsei University International Campus located in Songdo, Incheon.

The POSCO Green Building, which was completed in 1 year and 2 months after starting construction last September, consists of an office building (5 floors, B1~4F, total square of 5571?), joint housing building of 5 units (3 floors), 4 modular home units and a PR exhibition hall.

The POSCO Green Building was carried out as part of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport R&D project, `Research on spreading green technology to market demand-based new buildings` which aims to present a new approach to domestic green building construction, and considered environment-friendly and low energy in the processes from design and construction to operation and disposal.

More than 100 green technologies including solar power, geothermal air-conditioning and heating, vacuum outsulation, and ICT (Information Communication Technology) are applied to the building, optimizing energy performance and saving energy usage from 30 to 100% compared to existing buildings. Further, it is an environment-friendly building where approximately 35% of the energy required by the building is self-generated utilizing new renewable energy.

Energy reduction materials developed by POSCO were also greatly used. In the front of the building, a steel curtain wall, which boasts the best domestic insulation performance, was installed, generating insulation effects of more than double existing aluminum curtain walls, while vacuum outsulation was applied to the exterior walls to increase heat retention ability.

In addition, self-cleaning steel plates were applied to the building`s exterior walls, allowing for the overall exterior to maintain a clean appearance while pollutants can be removed by rainwater. This steel plate has a 30% longer lifecycle than regular steel plates. High corrosion-resistant alloy gilt steel plates were used in the facilities to save rainwater, and high manganese steel that reduces vibration was experimentally applied for the first time to the sound-blocking floor to solve noise between floors.

The Green Building also considers the environment in disposal on top of construction. Slag from production of melted iron was incorporated in place of cement, an important construction material, to reduce energy necessary to produce the cement. Reuse steel structure methods were applied to the steel frame for the building. Dampers were installed to absorb vibration to prevent shifts from external shocks such as earthquakes, and supplementary materials were combined using bolts so they can be reused once the building`s lifecycle ends.

Further, a Building Energy Management System (BEMS), which controls air-conditioning & heating and OLED lighting automatically by analyzing the production-delivery-consumption process of energy and sensing temperature differences caused by sunlight, is applied to improve energy efficiency and allow intelligent energy management.

POSCO plans to utilize the Green Building as a model to spread energy-reduction type homes.

The POSCOMAGIC R&D Center, which focuses on non-ferrous mineral research, will be also established in the Green Building, consistently carrying out industry-academia research linked with POSCO`s non-ferrous business and developing competitive new environment-friendly materials

A showroom will also be made available in the PR exhibition hall, marketing environment-friendly steel construction materials applied to the Green Building, while the design-construction-energy management system operation experience of the Green Building will be proactively utilized for the green construction industry both domestically and internationally, contributing to the creation of new demand in environment-friendly steel construction materials. In addition, the Green Building will be open to the public and give an opportunity to meet new materials and steel construction materials applied in the building.