OREANDA-NEWS. Bashneft purchased three-year series BO-01 exchange-traded bonds under the offer.

Series BO-01 certificated non-convertible interest-bearing exchange-traded bonds (identification number of the issue 4В02-01-00013-А as of August 29, 2011) with a par value of 1,000 roubles each (the total par value of 10 billion roubles) and obligatory centralized custody were placed on December 6, 2011, and the coupon rate was set at 9.35% per annum. Under the terms of placement, the exchange-traded bonds could be bought out at the request of bondholders two years after the start of placement on the MICEX Stock Exchange.

On November 27, 2013, the Company decided to set the rate on the fifth and sixth coupons at 0.1% per annum. On November 29, book building started as part of the offer to buy out series BO-01 exchange-traded bonds. Book building ended on December 3, 2013.

Under the offer, on December 5, 2013, the Company bought out 6,984,097 series BO-01 exchange-traded bonds worth a total of almost 7 billion roubles at par and paid the accumulated coupon.

Gazprombank (Open Joint-Stock Company) acted as the agent for the buyback of series BO-01 exchange-traded bonds.