OREANDA-NEWS. December 10, 2013. The research group of National Development and Reform Commission led by Song Xiaowu, Chairman of China Society of Economic Reform (CSER), made the investigation in TISCO.

The research group agreed that TISCO had explored a sustainable development road that the industrial enterprises were in harmony with the city, which is worth other enterprises to learn from.
During the conversation, Li Xiaobo briefly introduced the operating conditions and development strategy of TISCO. He said, “TISCO, around the implementation of the scientific outlook on development and the new industrialization, has taken the lead in introducing the internationally advanced green manufacturing technologies in the metallurgical industry and constructed a large number of circulatory economy projects, built the circulatory economy industrial chain for the solid, liquid and gaseous wastes, formed many innovative technologies, and all the environmental indicators reached the advanced level.

TISCO is speeding up the development from the material circulation inside enterprise (a small cycle) to the social level (a wide circulation), delivering central heating to the urban residents by waste heat recovery, supplying the surplus recovered gas for the urban development and using its advanced sewage treatment plant to treat the urban sewage, which realize the harmonious coexistence among the enterprise, city, nature and society. TISCO also makes the energy saving and emission reduction and the circulation economy as the new development mode and new point of efficiency growth by actively promoting its achievements in the green development and exporting its advanced energy-saving and environmental protection technologies.” He said that TISCO would continue to carry out the greening of the technological equipment, manufacturing processes and products during the 12th Five-year Plan period and constantly improve the level of its green development and build TISCO into a demonstrator of green steel plant in the world.
Song Xiaowu firmly affirmed TISCO’s concept of green development and the level of circulatory economic development. He said the current China’s economy was shifting to the stable development period from the high speed development period. The prerequisite for the economic transformation was the transformation of conceptions, didn’t just go after the GDP growth, but put the quality, performance and environmental protection in a prominent position. TISCO, as an extra-large iron and steel complex, not only was good in product quality and performance but also took the lead in the circulatory economy and energy saving. TISCO had explored a sustainable development road that the industrial enterprises were in harmony with the city. The transformation of TISCO provided valuable experiences for the comprehensive reform pilot area, and is worth for the same and the other related enterprises to learn from.