OREANDA-NEWS. OJSC KAMAZ invites participants and guests of Podkova-2014 Festival which will be held at the recreation centre Lesnaya Skazka of the press and stamping plant on June 27-29.
According to Aleksandr Ushenin, Chief of Director General’s Staff of OJSC KAMAZ, the meeting of guitar poetry fans is devoted to the 45th anniversary of the start of KAMAZ construction because thousands of young Komsomol members with guitars went to the construction site. Romantics and patriots built KAMAZ and sang about it in kitchens and tents during camping. KAMAZ organized ballad song festivals before, but in this year of jubilee everybody, not just KAMAZ workers, is invited to participate.
The ground of the recreation centre Lesnaya Skazka will become a venue for sporting competitions, events for children after which a heart-to-heart poetic talk will start. The organizers invited guitarist-songwriters to participate in the festival. Their creativity will be assessed by gurus of Tatarstan’s ballad song movement – Dmitry Bikchentaev, Valery Bokov, Ekaterina Boldyreva, Yulia Ziganshina. While the jury sums up the results, the programme Vysotsky’s Hour devoted to the 40th anniversary of the visit paid to KAMAZ by actors of Taganka Theatre will be performed by singers of the favourite poet’s songs. And also there will be a concert by maоtres of ballad songs on the stage and by the fire.
Buses will leave for Lesnaya Skazka in the evening on June 27 and in the morning on June 28 from the Organ Hall.