OREANDA-NEWS. March 31, 2016. Over 2,000 applications for 2016 Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) have been completed and submitted so far, using the online Rural Payments service, the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) announced today (30 March).

The RPA is encouraging farmers and agents to apply online now, so that they submit their applications in good time, ahead of the 16 May deadline.

RPA Chief Executive Mark Grimshaw said:

Thousands of farmers and agents are already using the Rural Payments service to prepare, check, make changes and submit their completed applications. Some 16,872 entitlements and over 50,377 hectares of land have been transferred so far.

Farmers and agents can access support on GOV.UK, where there’s on-screen help that takes you through the application process screen by screen. It’s also available in a printable guide.

Further support is available at the RPA’s 14 Online Support Centres across England and through the Rural Services helpline.

Application process

Applicants can now use the Rural Payments service to:

  • Check the information the RPA holds already and change any information they need to (including any changes to land and entitlements).
  • Complete their declarations and confirm the information in their application before submitting it online.

BPS 2016 scheme rules are available online.

Online and paper applications

It is now possible to submit completed claims online and on paper. Around 20,000 pre-populated paper application packs have been sent to those who have not applied online before.

Farmers who receive these packs can still apply online in 2016. They need to call the Rural Services helpline on 03000 200 301 to set up an online application.


  • Full ‘how to apply online’ guidance is available on GOV.UK and has been posted to every customer.
  • The RPA has provided a helpful hints and tips document in response to feedback from applicants who have applied already. .
  • If farmers and agents are applying online there is onscreen help in the service, and video tutorials.
  • Videos are available on the RPA’s YouTube channel. They include transferring land, transferring entitlements, changing land use and a general overview of how to apply online.
  • Help is also available to farmers and agents on the helpline number above and at online support centres across the country. To make an appointment farmers and agents should contact the helpline.