OREANDA-NEWS. Apple may reduce production of the iPhone 13 this year due to a global shortage of chips, Bloomberg reported.

The company expects that 10 million fewer smartphones of this model will be released, agency sources say.

According to them, Apple planned to produce 90 million new iPhone models in the last three months of this year. However, now the company has informed manufacturing partners that the total volume will be less, since Broadcom and Texas Instruments (TI), which are engaged in the production of semiconductors, cannot cope with the supply of a sufficient number of components, Bloomberg writes.

Representatives of Apple and TI declined to comment to the agency. Broadcom did not respond to Bloomberg's request.

Apple introduced new smartphone models on September 14. In Russia, the recommended price for iPhone 13 is from 79.99 thousand rubles, for iPhone 13 mini - from 69.99 thousand rubles, for iPhone 13 Pro - from 99.99 thousand rubles, and for iPhone 13 Pro Max - from 109.99 thousand rubles. Their sales in the first week became a record among all generations of this iPhone in Russia.

The problem with the shortage of chips arose even before the coronavirus pandemic and later became complicated due to a number of other factors, including the spread of the more contagious Indian strain of coronavirus, which led to the closure of some factories.