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01.07.2022, 14:33
Almaz-Antey Announces Quitting International Ratings of Arms Producers
27.06.2022, 17:38
The CEO of Gazprom Energoholding said that Siemens has decieved its Russian partners.
27.06.2022, 14:54
French cosmetics manufacturer L'Occitane International SA increased its net profit to a record 241.9 million euros in the financial year 2022.
21.06.2022, 14:38
The Belarusian President said that Russians are massively buying up goods produced in Belarus.
13.06.2022, 15:06
Cosmetics Corporation Revlon May Launch Bankruptcy Proceedings
13.06.2022, 13:16
Media: Reactors at U.S. Facilities Will Shut Down Without Exports of Enriched Uranium from Russia
07.04.2022, 15:54

Ascona clarified that production staff and logistics staff were left without work.

05.04.2022, 17:28
Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a possible complication of the food situation in the poor countries of the world.
15.12.2021, 11:34
Despite US sanctions against Russian small arms, ammunition shipments from Russia to America have broken records.
29.11.2021, 17:19

These problems were reported by 74% of the companies that participated in the research.

13.10.2021, 10:07
Apple may reduce production of the iPhone 13 this year due to a global shortage of chips, Bloomberg reported.
28.09.2021, 17:16
Lego's profit for the first half of 2021 more than doubled in the first half of 2021.
20.08.2021, 17:44
In Karelia, for the first time, a building was demolished using a laser.
09.08.2021, 11:34

Alcohol production in Russia (excluding beer, beer drinks, cider, Poiret and mead) decreased in January-July by 2.3% in annual terms to 90.56 million decaliters (dal).

04.08.2021, 14:18

Spanish engineers learned how to get water from the air. According to Reuters, the technology should save the inhabitants of arid regions from thirst.


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