Since the beginning of the pandemic, there are 391,637 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Belarus, over the last 24 hours a further 1,434 patients have been diagnosed, the Minsk-Novosti correspondent was told at the Ministry of Health.

382,167 people have already coped with the disease, over the past day 1,490 have been added to the number of discharged patients. For the entire time of the spread of infection in the country, 2,821 deaths were registered in patients with identified coronavirus.

In domestic laboratories 6,286,097 tests were carried out, over the last 24 hours the experts performed 17,543 tests.

Recall that in the world in terms of the number of cases for the entire time of the spread of coronavirus, the USA (over 33.21 million), India (over 27.55 million) and Brazil (over 16.34 million) are still in the lead.

The five leaders in terms of the number of infected also include France (5.69 million) and Turkey (more than 5.22 million). The top ten countries with the most unfavorable epidemic situation are Russia (4.98 million), Great Britain (more than 4.48 million infected), Italy (more than 4.2 million), Germany (over 3.67 million) and Argentina (3.66 million). In Spain and Colombia, the number of cases reached 3 million, and in Mexico, Poland, Iran and Ukraine it exceeded 2 million.In South Africa, Peru, Indonesia, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Chile, Canada, Romania, the Philippines, Iraq, Sweden and Belgium, there are more than 1 million infected.