The Pandemic Sciences Centre will unify Oxford research communities in different areas like  in an effort to make better the fast uncovering of and response to possible dangers, the university said in the announcement which was published Friday.

The center wants to make connections with scientific in the U.K, and in other countries avoid the disconnected policies which decelerated the response to COVID-19.

John Bell, the Regius professor of medicine at Oxford University told  that was actually a horrible pandemic but it could be much worse than it was. He also added that there is an obligation to be more ready for a whole range of possible pandemics in the future.

Oxford researcherswere at the forefront of developing the COVID-19 vaccine that is being manufactured by AstraZeneca, the second to win authorization for widespread use around the world

They also conducted research that demonstrated that a cheap, widely available steroid is able to decrease mortality by up to one third among critically ill patients.

Oxford wants to gather 500 million pounds  from philanthropists, industry and governments over the next few months to fund the center.


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