OREANDA-NEWS. Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, has appointed Denis Malikov as chief executive officer of the Centre macroregion.

Denis Malikov will be in charge of business management and improvement of Tele2’s major financial and operating indicators in the Centre macroregion. He will also be responsible for enhancement of the company’s stance in the macroregion, planning and implementing the operator’s strategy, promoting corporate culture and Tele2Way values.

He replaced Konstantin Motlyakh at this post who was appointed as CEO of the South macroregion in January 2016.

In line with the company’s management structure, Denis Malikov will hold positions of Tele2’ CEO for Tula Region.

Denis Malikov graduated from the Altay State Technical University majored in Mechanic Engineering and Economic Management. Denis has worked in telecommunications since 2007. Prior to joining Tele2, he held the post of chief commercial officer at Megafon’s subdivision in Siberia.

Dmitriy Lopatukhin, Chief Operations Officer at Tele2:

“Tele2 continues actively developing business in Central Russia: we are rolling out and upgrading the network infrastructure, launching affordable products and demanded services, increasing subscriber base. Taking into account a high competition on the market and ambitious tasks faced by the Centre macroregion, our team will have to put a great deal of efforts into achieving these targets. I am sure that Denis’ professionalism and managerial experience will become a new driving force for efficient promotion of the company in the regions.”

Additional information

Tele2 is now offering services in Tula, Tver, Vladimir, Ryazan, Kaluga, Smolensk and Kostroma regions.