OREANDA-NEWS. PJSC MTS (NYSE: MBT, MOEX: MTSS), the leading telecommunications operator in Russia, announces the decisions reached at the Company’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (the “AGM”) held on June 23, 2016.104787At the meeting, the following resolutions were adopted:

  • To approve final annual dividends of RUB 14.01 per ordinary MTS share (RUB 28.02 per ADR), or in total RUB 27,997,423,739.61 based on the full-year 2015 financial results. The record date for the Company's shareholders and ADR-holders entitled to receive dividends for the full year 2015 has been set for July 05, 2016. The dividend payment will be completed before August 9, 2016;
  • To approve the Company’s Annual Report and Annual Financial Statements, including the Company’s Profit & Loss Statement, as well as the distribution of profits and losses of MTS PJSC based on FY2015 results (including payment of dividends);
  • To elect the following persons to the MTS Board of Directors:
    • Mr. Alexander Gorbunov, Vice President, responsible for Telecom Assets Development of Sistema JSFC, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Sistema Shyam Teleservices Limited;
    • Mr. Andrei Dubovskov, President and Chairman of the Management Board at MTS;
    • Mr. Ron Sommer, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at PrJSC “MTS Ukraine”, Member of the Supervisory Board at Munich Reinsurance, Germany and Member of the Board of Directors at Tata Consultancy Services;
    • Mr. Michel Combes, independent director;
    • Mr. Stanley Miller, independent director;
    • Mr. Vsevolod Rozanov, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Member of the Management Board at Sistema JSFC;
    • Ms. Regina von Flemming, independent director;
    • Mr. Thomas Holtrop, independent director;
    • Mr. Mikhail Shamolin, President, Chairman of the Management Board, Member of the Board of Directors at Sistema JSFC.
  • To elect members of the Company’s Auditing Commission;
  • To approve CJSC Deloitte and Touche CIS as MTS’ auditor;
  • To approve MTS Charter, MTS Regulation on the Annual General Shareholders Meeting, MTS Regulation on the Board of Directors as amended and restated;
  • To decrease MTS PJSC share capital by RUB 6.80 mln to RUB 199.84 mln (which will be represented by 1,998,381,575 ordinary shares with the nominal value of RUB 0.1) by cancelling:
    • 67,995,335 ordinary MTS PJSC shares, acquired by MTS PJSC as part of the liquidation of Mobile Telesystems Bermuda Limited;
    • 36,652 ordinary MTS PJSC shares, bought back by MTS PJSC from its shareholders on their demand in accordance with the Russian law and the Charter of MTS PJSC.

At a subsequent meeting of the Board of Directors, Mr. Ron Sommer was reappointed as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Mr. Alexander Gorbunov with Mr. Vsevolod Rozanov were elected as the Deputy Chairmen of the Board.

Also the Board of Directors approved the exchange-traded bond program in the amount of up to RUB 100 bln or its equivalent in foreign currency.