OREANDA-NEWS.  Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems held on to top position in the Experton Group’s annual Cloud Vendor Benchmark: the Group maintained its leading role in Germany, particularly in the categories of software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Experton also acknowledged Deutsche Telekom’s excellent standing as a provider of managed services for SMEs. But the Group also plays a leading role in areas such as cloud transformation and platform as a service (PaaS).
Cloud Vendor Benchmark 2016: Cloud Operations - Managed Services for Midmarket.

2016 marked the seventh annual Cloud Vendor Benchmark survey. In view of the uninterrupted growth of the cloud computing market, the Experton Group divided its market survey into two parts this year: the results just released concern the first part, in which the analysts assessed services related to cloud transformation and operations as well as the attractiveness of the cloud services of over 150 providers in the German market.

Good marks for Dynamic Workplace
T-Systems earned top positions particularly in the provision of workplaces from the cloud: the company’s Dynamic Workplace product is an end-to-end solution comprising a basic package, standardized add-ons and personalized extension options. In addition to praising the solution itself, Experton made special mention of T-Systems’ wide-ranging project expertise and the strength of its local references. According to Experton’s analysts, T-Systems has become the “vendor of choice” among corporate customers when it comes to cloud workplaces.

Cloud Vendor Benchmark 2016: Iaas - Managed Private Cloud.

IaaS: Deutsche Telekom a strong competitor for U.S. providers
The company also occupies a top position in the IaaS category. Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems have already become an important counterweight to U.S. providers in the public cloud field, which is why the Group is currently extremely popular with international customers, including those outside its traditional markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Interest has grown also because of its partnerships with Microsoft (Azure Cloud) and Cisco (Intercloud). Some of T-Systems’ cloud services are operated in the company’s own high-security data centers in Germany. T-Systems’ IaaS offerings are state of the art, too, as evidenced by its public cloud product Open Telekom Cloud, which utilizes hardware from Huawei and the OpenStack cloud operating system.

According to Experton, Deutsche Telekom’s IaaS solutions from the managed private cloud are highly respected – especially thanks to the company’s very high security standards, which have been certified to ISO and T?V (Germany’s technical inspection agency). The Experton analysts also praised the professionalism of Deutsche Telekom support services. The company scores points in particular with SMEs for being a partner on an equal footing.

Winning over SMEs with Deutsche Telekom’s Managed Services
In Experton’s words, Deutsche Telekom’s cloud services for SMEs give it "a unique position in the SME market." According to the analysts, Deutsche Telekom’s high profile and its strengths in local delivery, sales and support put it in a position to address SMEs across a broad spectrum. Numerous partnerships with key cloud providers such as Microsoft and VMware represented a further factor in the company’s success.

Top position in highly competitive PaaS market
In Experton’s opinion, the market for cloud platforms – which are used to create, operate and monitor applications (PaaS) – is becoming more and more competitive. Compared with the previous year, many providers have been forced out of this cloud sub-market due to inadequate references or low revenues. By contrast, Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems have succeeded in positioning themselves as the market leader. Among other things, the company’s PaaS offerings boast high security standards: Deutsche Telekom has numerous certifications and, alongside its existing products such as AppAgile, it also plans to offer its customers Managed Services from the cloud based on Microsoft Azure Germany.

T-Systems has been partnering Informatica for around a year now, providing the latter’s data integration software Data Orchestration as a Service (DOaaS) from T-Systems’ highly secure cloud data centers in Germany. According to Experton, this combined offering from Informatica and T-Systems is currently the best iPaaS solution on the market.