OREANDA-NEWS. Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, and ChronoPay, a leading payment service provider, have started cooperation. All clients may now use Autopay service based on reliable and secure technology of ChronoPay.

Users of Autopay that allows automatic top-ups counted 3.7 mn people in June. On average, the operator is processing over 2 mn top-ups per one day. ChronoPay is using a multi-acquiring technology, thereby providing reliable and secure top-ups to Tele2 clients.

The Autopay service is most popular among subscribers who actively use mobile services and want to maintain a positive account balance. With the option connected, Tele2 subscribers will never see a negative account balance and may continuously use mobile services, which results in a higher ARPU (Average Revenue per User) indicator. Autopay users show an ARPU that exceeds a similar indicator among other Tele2 clients by 6%.

The Autopay service provides Tele2 subscribers with an opportunity to automatically top up mobile account when the remaining sum drops to a threshold amount. Autopay users may also set up a payment on schedule and choose a day and time of the next top-up themselves.

Autopay may be activated on several mobile phones. Besides, the service allows a card owner to top up not only his own mobile account but also accounts of his relatives and closed ones.

Igor Maystrenko,Director of Sales and Mass Marketing at Tele2:

“Tele2 has always used advanced and reliable solutions for mobile services support in order to offer its clients best solutions that meet their needs. Cooperation with ChronoPay allowed us to upgrade AutoPay operations and improve its convenience. Thanks to the option, Tele2 users may now be sure that they will not run out of funds on their mobile account at the wrong time.”

Kirill Zelenkov, Chief Marketing Officer at ChronoPay:

“We are happy about cooperation with one of major Russian operators. Our company is happy to offer its partners and clients a convenient and reliable service for payment processing. Our team is now aiming to focus its efforts on joint work with major federal partners that set high requirements for failure safety and reliability of our systems.”