OREANDA-NEWS. Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, has upgraded its IT infrastructure for subscribers’ data storage and processing. The company has integrated new flash technologies Hitachi Data Systems that allow increase in overhead capacity and higher loads on the operator’s home subscriber servers.

A launch of Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) is entailed by expansion of Tele2 operations, large-scale launches of 3G/4G networks all over Russia and an active growth of subscriber base. The upgraded platforms guarantees sustainability and high quality of the operator’s services in terms of higher loads on the network. Hitachi flash storage provides high capacity of IT systems, which makes them efficient for servicing up to 6 mn people.

The work of the platform is based on the use of two high-tech components: Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID) and Hitachi Content Platform (HCP). The first solution is meant for protection, storage and processing of corporate data. HCP is a private cloud solution for enterprises that is suitable for mobilizing large volumes of information. Thanks to compressed data, solution allows the company to reduce space and support mail servers and archives.

When switching to a new platform HDS, Tele2 continues consolidating different kinds of data on the basis of a single storage system. Such strategy provides maximum productivity while cutting costs on IT operations. In April this year, Tele2 has announced a launch of a new centre for data processing in Rostov-on-Don that helped optimization of technical processes in billing and network management system. Both projects – creation of the data processing the centre and an HDS system launch − have been implemented by Russia’s major IT systems provider Technoserv.

Olga Mordkovich, Chief Information Officer at Tele2:

“Modern market requires incredible flexibility from mobile operators: new ideas and trends appear almost on a daily basis and make the company to react to the spirit of the times. The company may be fast in launching the service, offering it to the client only if IT infrastructure has enough power and capacity. That’s s what flash technologies are giving to us – they provide a proper level of productivity and let offering any requested service with a guarantee of reliability and sustainability.”