OREANDA-NEWS. Deutsche Telekom has expanded the portfolio of the Open Telekom Cloud with a relational MySQL database service. Companies can query the database directly using a standard interface.

The service is provided in a variety of flavors for different business needs, ranging from one vCPU and 2 GB RAM for 3 cents per hour to size of 8 cores and 64 GB RAM for around one euro per hour. Hard drives for storage are also available in different sizes, either as SATA, SAS or SSD.

Users who need a high-availability solution can also replicate databases on a second server. Like in a twin data center, all generated data is constantly synchronized on the second, standby database. In addition, up to five read replicas can be used. This approach is optimized for use cases that require fast read access to the database, for example, for a company's online shop.

The Open Telekom Cloud also provides a database management tool to its users, which gives administrators the possibility to monitor the performance of the selected MySQL flavor and optimize it when necessary – or even switch to a different flavor with larger or smaller dimensions.